Treatment of muscle injuries

The RICE-principle (rest, ice, compression and elevation) is generally considered as being the best method to minimize swelling and relief pain within the first 24 to 48 hours. After first aid, therapy must be tailor made according to the severity and extent of the injury. A short period of immobilization after the trauma prevents excessive formation of scar tissue (which will have a deleterious effect on mobility and strength of the healed muscle) and prevents rerupture by allowing the scar tissue to gain sufficient strength to bear contraction forces. Immobilization should not be continued after the acute phase (first few days) to avoid the negative effects such as muscle atrophy, retarded strength recovery and excessive formation of connective tissue within the muscle.

Early mobilization already starts after a few days, if the acute phase has passed without further complications and recovery seems to be progressing. In comparison to immobilization, mobilization induces significant histological changes such as increased vascularisation of the injured area, better regeneration of muscle fibers and more parallel orientation. It has the additional advantage that the muscle will sooner gain its original strength.Increase vascularisation,pain management ,tender points treatment is done by electrotherapy i.e. hot therapy,interferential therapy,TENS,LASER.

The active treatment needs to be built up gradually from isometric exercises to isotonic exercises. Only if those exercises can be performed without pain, isokinetic training should be started. To know more about muscle injury and its cure feel free to contact Medharbour Family Clinic in Gurgaon for best physiotherapy treatment and best ortho doctors in Delhi/NCR (Gurgaon). 9650030500

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