Foot and Ankle Care

While ankle and foot diseases are among the most common health issues today, they, most often do not receive the care they need. This is one of your body’s highly intricate and hardworking parts. Any of the structures in your foot or ankles might be affected by foot and ankle problems. Your foot has twenty six bones and thirty three joints, while your ankle has three primary bones. Your foot and ankle complex also contains various ligaments, tendons, nerves, and muscles. Ligaments link bones to one another and give joint support. Tendons are connective tissues that connect muscles to bones and facilitate movement. Pain and other symptoms can occur from a condition or problem with any of these above components of the feet and ankle.

We at Medharbour have the top class facility of foot care clinic that focuses on foot and/or ankle diseases that you might have. It is important for everyone to treat any problems in our feet or ankles as soon as possible. At some point of time in their life, most people are most likely to suffer some discomfort or pain in and around their feet or ankles. Our foot clinics have been made keeping in mind that the needed attention for our foot or ankle disease or pain is not sidelined thinking that it is a small problem.

If you have chronic symptoms of a foot or ankle disease, such as pain, swelling, or numbness, you should consult a doctor. A diabetic ulcer on the foot that is not cared for can even become the reason for amputation of one’s foot. The first line of defense against problems from diabetes, arthritis, and inadequate blood flow to the foot is pediatric competence and expertise. Your precise feet and ankle treatment are generally determined by your condition. The main treatment aims to address any underlying physical issues and to improve symptoms thereafter.

At our foot care clinic, we have expertise in ankle and feet care which includes diabetic foot care, pain control, and management, orthotics support, and treatment and therapy for non-healing wounds, warts, and other diseases. At Medharbour, we have years of experience when it comes to providing healthcare services and along with that, we also have a specialized team of experts and doctors who are brilliant at what they do. We have pledged to look after the well-being of everybody who comes to us for treatment since we feel it is our ultimate duty. We are dedicated to your good health, and to accomplish this, we have assembled one of the greatest and most specialized teams of professionals in the area, all of whom have years of expertise in medicine. At the foot care clinic, we treat, care for, and encourage lifestyle modifications to reduce the need for surgical intervention. For it is our commitment to curing and we at Medharbour, take our commitment seriously.