Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Get Best Post Surgical Rehabilitation Services at the best Centre in Gurgaon

At Medharbour, we offer patients the best post-surgery rehabilitation services to get their bodies in the safest and healthiest position. We have well-trained physiotherapists who ensure optimum results during injury recovery and post-surgery rehabilitation. We correctly guided and educated every patient through the entire process.

Critical Components of Post-Surgery Care

  1. Wound Care
  2. Pain Management
  3. Medical Monitoring
  4. Better Mobility
  5. Emotional Wellbeing
  6. Family Support

Why Choose Medharbour for Post Surgical Care?

  1.  + 500 Practitioners

Our strong network consists of 500 physiotherapists enrolled through a structured criterion.

  • Integrated Approach

Our multi-therapy approach enables the view of patient needs and provides an outcome-based treatment.

  • Treatment scheduling

Instant scheduling of clinic appointments & confirmation comes within seconds.

  • Payments

Budget-friendly packages for long-term treatments. You can pay through cash, card, or online.

  • 24*7 Support

Help is just a call Away. We are here to help you anytime, anywhere. 

What we offer?

Medharbour offers the best rehabilitation services with care in Gurgaon, with top post-operative rehabilitation, pain management, posture management, etc. 

Our primary services include:

  1. Low Back Pain, 
  2. Arm wrist problems
  3. Knee related problems
  4.  Stress Injuries 
  5. Stroke Rehabilitation
  6. Respiratory Problems
  7. Nerve Injuries
  8. Muscle Strains
  9. Arthritis
  10. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  11. Rehabilitation after a severe injury
  12. Fitness and Wellness Education
  13. Post-Surgical cases
  14. Tendon Repair
  15. Head injury
  16. Spinal cord injury
  17. Stroke

Who requires Post Surgical rehabilitation treatment?

The patient may be advised to go in for Rehabilitation Treatment for several reasons. 

  • Imbalancing in movement and coordination
  • Significant loss of memory, 
  • Reasons related to the accident, medical treatment, trauma, or shock.
  • Problem in speech and communication due to a congenital disability.
  • Problems with the joint movement 

Our rehabilitation centre or post-surgical rehabilitation centre at Gurgaon has found the root cause of the problems that are related to Heart, accident trauma, burns, strokes, cancer, spinal cord, stress, and major accidents.

Our Goal of Post Surgical Rehabilitation

The idea to go for rehabilitation may be a daunting task, but if you choose Medharbour for your post-surgical rehabilitation, then claim it to be the best decision of your life.

The primary goal of rehabilitation is to ensure the patient can perform their daily activities independently. The specific purpose for every rehab plan will depend on the individual undergoing the same.

How Is Post-Surgical Rehabilitation & Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation Done at Medharbour?

At our Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon, our experts identify your surgery and then plan your recovery. We continuously monitor progress and treatment plans and provide social and emotional Support to our patients.

We help you in aids with medical equipment like wheelchairs and splints. Pre-surgery rehabilitation allows patients to prepare for surgery safely under Medharbour experts’ supervision. Physical therapy before and after surgery helps you reduce pain and inflammation. In addition, we improve joint mobility for a more successful surgical outcome.

Fully Family Support at Post Operative & Post Surgical Centre at Gurgaon

Our rehabilitation centers provide provision to support to the family. Our primary focus is on healthy education, patient care, and adequately managing the patients when they arrive home. Moreover, discharge planning is based on the expert’s advice that is followed by the 100% recovery of the patients.

At our surgical center, we provide a holistic experience for the patients care patients, and we are fully ready for everyday life once again.

Innovative Technology at Medharbour

  1. Electrotherapy 
  2. Neuro-rehabilitation mat
  3. Ergo meter
  4. Multistation gym
  5. Treadmill cycle