Breast Cancer Rehab

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer among women patients. It also affects some men but the percentage of men who are diagnosed with breast cancer is very less as compared to women. Breast cancer is a cancerous growth that begins in the breast cells. There are various variables that might increase the risk of breast cancer, just as there are for other cancers.

The treatment of breast cancer is always changing. Fortunately, survival rates are continuing to rise, owing to more personalized therapy and earlier discovery. More research and attention are being dedicated toward discovering therapies that will help enhance the overall standard of living for individuals who have survived breast cancer as the proportion of breast cancer survivors grows.

Many people associate cancer treatment with chemo or surgery to remove a malignant mass or tumor. However, there is yet another important treatment that is most often or not overlooked, which is rehab or rehabilitation. Many patients with cancer, breast cancer, in particular, experience unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy or surgery that rehabilitation may be able to alleviate.

Medharbour has established itself in India as one of the greatest rehabilitation centers in the last decade. Our rehabilitation center offers every type of rehabilitation service and rehabilitation treatment imaginable. One of the rehabilitation services is that of rehabilitation of breast cancer. All you need to do is search for ‘Breast Cancer Rehabilitation near me’ and it will lead you to us.

After surgery and/or radiation therapy, the most prevalent cause for rehabilitation treatment in breast cancer patients is shoulder or chest pain. This might involve a variety of symptoms such as discomfort, tightness, numbness, and more. Here, at the Medharbour, under our breast cancer rehabilitation, our team assists with both the physical components of rehabilitation, such as a patient’s requirement for supporting braces or difficulty reaching overhead owing to radiation treatment tightness and the cognitive side effects of treatment for cancer. Our breast cancer rehab is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. The cancer rehabilitation team comprises doctors, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, and other specialists to help patients with any requirements that they may have. Rehabilitation of breast cancer can improve a patient’s standard of life when combined with cancer treatment. The rehabilitation team of professionals can assist a patient in regaining their quality of health and living. The objective is to get the patient back to whatever it is that they like, whether it’s spending quality time with their friends and family, going back to work, or continuing to pursue their interests. 

Patients who are recovering from surgery, as well as during and after chemotherapy, require rehabilitation to combat cancer fatigue, recover more quickly, and heal more effectively. Our breast cancer rehabilitation approach focuses on assisting patients in regaining their normal range of motion and providing post-treatment assistance and care. Breast cancer recovery rates are now higher than ever before, thanks to the cutting-edge developments in breast cancer therapy and treatment. We work very closely with our patients because we are committed to curing them.