Breast cancer rehabilitation at Medharbour, Gurgaon

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that spreads in the breast of human body. Irrespective of the gender , but most commonly occurs in females . Breast cancer rehabilitation focuses on preoperative, perioperative and postoperative care of patients . At Medharbour, we have a team of expert doctors who execute tailored program so that the patient achieves great mobility, pain reduction , cognitive betterment and leads a better quality of lifestyle.

What are the stages of cancer rehabilitation ?

For the best possible and well directed treatment of patient , cancer rehabilitation has been divided into 4 broad categories.

  • Preventive rehabilitation or prehabilitation :Starts soon after cancer has been diagnosed. Performed before or immediately after surgery, chemo or radiotherapy.
  • Restorative rehabilitation:Aims for maximum recovery of function in patients and works on impairments of function and decreased abilities.
  • Supportive rehabilitation: Increases self-care ability and mobility using methods that are effective to patients whose functions have been declining and cancer has been progressing (for example ,guidance with regard to self-help devices, self-care and more skillful ways of doing things)
  • Palliative rehabilitation :Enables patients in the terminal stage to live better physically,psychologically and socially.Designed to relieve symptoms, such as pain, dyspnea and edema.

Breast cancer rehabilitation exercises/physical activity

Breast cancer physiotherapy or mastectomy exercise is the most important feature of post operative care and emphasises on these two types of workouts (only to be done under the guidance of a professional) :

  • Aerobics and cardiovascular exercise that include brisk walking , jogging , swimming , cycling ,dancing ,playing etc.
  • Strength training or strengthening exercises that makes muscles stronger – push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges ,lifting weights .

It has been concluded in a study that people who did 150 minutes of aerobic exercise and 2 sessions of strength training weekly for an average of five months while undergoing chemotherapy, observed a greater shrinkage of tumor as compared to people who didn’t workout .

Now you understand the great importance of rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. Another study reads ,Women with breast cancer who met the minimum physical activity guidelines both before diagnosis and at the 2-year follow-up (after treatment) had a 55% reduced chance of their cancer returning and a 68% reduced chance of death from any cause (not just breast cancer) compared with those who did not meet the guidelines.

Breast cancer rehabilitation psychological support

Patient suffering from breast cancer is not just affected physically but also psychologically and needs love , compassion and support. Emotional help is the most vital element of rehabilitation program where psychologists and helping staff follow certain key points to keep patient filled with positive vibes .

  • Help coping with anxiety
  • Help coping with depression
  • Make them calm and relaxed
  • Get information about support groups
  • Provide spiritual support
  • Build their confidence
  • Helping with PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder)
  • Encourage to love their body
  • Helping them get back to routine

Breast cancer rehabilitation social support

Man being a social animal needs love, conversations , engagements and emotional flow to keep him balanced . Specially at times of an illness that shakes and breaks him up . Following protocols are followed to maintain patient’s sanity .

  • Explore health equity in action
  • Building online community or join groups with participants suffering from breast cancer
  • Evidence based risk communication
  • Help in behaviour modification
  • Decision support
  • Engaging them in areas of interests and alike people
  • Helping them develop new hobby

Occupational therapy at breast cancer rehabilitation centre

Occupational therapy (OT) is therapeutic use of everyday activities, or occupations, to treat the physical, mental, developmental, and emotional ailments that impact a patient’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

While the patient is being treated for breast cancer, he/she  may not have the energy they once did or be able to move their body as easily as prior to surgery or any phase of the process .Our bodies are designed to move. Many people wonder about the best time to resume their prior activities and  routines after cancer treatment.

Five primary intervention types under occupational therapy are :

  • Occupations and activities.
  • Preparatory methods and tasks.
  • Education and training.
  • Advocacy.
  • Group intervention.

Goal of breast cancer rehabilitation wing at Medharbour

The core goal of breast cancer rehabilitation department is to return the patient to highest levels of function and independence and enhance the overall quality of life.

We emphasize upon 3 aspects:

  • Physical well being
  • Emotional well being
  • Social well being

If you choose us -the best rehabilitation centre near you , it will be a win-win situation  where you will heal better and we’ ll be  happier