Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

Best Facilities for Spine Injury Rehabilitation helps you speed up Recovery

Medharbour is the combination of experience, clinical research, and academics that surely helps you recover from spinal injury. The Medharbour Centre of Excellent Spinal Injury Treatment in Gurgaon was incorporated into a vision document. A dedicated spine center was proposed as part of the transformation. We give you a multispeciality service, including neurosurgical and orthopedic spine surgeons. The primary spine services include neurology, endocrinology, radiology, and oncology. Besides this, we also provide holistic care to our patients with care and dedication.

Our Services

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Services 

Overcoming challenges on the road to Recovery

You can recover from spinal cord injury, but it is a significant Challenge. If you choose the Spinal cord rehabilitation services center in Gurgaon, then it makes a particular difference here; you will get comprehensive services and advanced treatment, world-class services and Support for your family members, a healthy and welcoming atmosphere, training for your family members, Support to your mental health. 

  1. OT-certified Surgical Suites
  2. Wide bore MRI
  3. 256 Slice Philips iCT Scan
  4. DEXA for bone density measurement
  5. GE SPECT-CT Optima
  6. True Beam Linear Accelerator
  7. Karl Storz Endoscope
  8. Isocentric 3D C-arm
  9. Medtronic Navigation System
  10. Leica M530 OH6 & OH4 Operating Microscope
  11. High-speed pneumatic drills
  12. Intraoperative Bone CUSA
  13. Very Soft tissues
  14. Peripheral nerve pathology
  15. Immunohistochemistry
  16. World-class Navigation system
  17. Better MISS systems
  18. Intraop MRI
  19. SPECT Camera
  20. 3- phase bone scan
  21. Infection imaging

Our Treatment 

  1. Wheel Chair training
  2. Gait training
  3. The Activity of Daily Living
  4. Bowel management
  5. Skincare
  6. Balance and mobility
  7. Psychological therapy

How Can the Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon Help you in Recovery?

Spinal cord injury will lead to permanent disability; with the help of rehabilitation services, they can help you develop extraordinary skills or educate your family members to optimize their quality of life. That is why selecting a spinal cord rehabilitation center that gives you care and thus provides specialized treatment, care, services, and equipment is compulsory. Centers like Medharbour provide holistic care that is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary and equip patients with skills and knowledge to return to their role in society with feasible functioning, independence, and opportunity. 

Our Patients

Medharbour has been serving patients at all levels by giving them special care services that help them stand independently. Every year, we treat approximately 100 patients with spinal cord injuries and help them in speedy Recovery. Mehdarbour is one of the most significant spinal cord rehabilitation centers in India. We follow a unique method of patient care for maximum health, prevention of complications, and long-term management of costs. Medharbour’s special rehabilitation services provide extraordinary patient outcomes.

Our Team

Our team comprises physicians, physical therapists, clinical care, dieticians, pharmacists, clinical care managers, doctors, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, and other consultants specializing in spinal cord rehabilitation services. Medharbour has taken pride in supporting our patients and their families. Along with the development of physical health, there is also a focus on mental, psychological, and social rehabilitation. We know that patients who are suffering from spinal cord injury may suffer from highly traumatic intensive psychological Support to help them overcome this.

The team who will be involved in the care:

  1. Doctor
  2. Physiotherapist
  3. Occupational therapist
  4. Nurses
  5. Psychologist
  6. Orthotics specialist
  7. Social worker
  8. Dietitian

Educated your Family Members and provide them with Healthy counselling

Here at Medharbour, we understand that family plays a critical part in rehabilitation. We encourage them to participate in regular patient care sessions, conferences, and patient care education sessions. We understand how to treat them with different therapies and state-of-the-art accessible family apartments and provide them with a healthy atmosphere and multiple facilities. 

How do you choose a Rehabilitation Hospital for your Nearest and Dearest ones?

When choosing a rehabilitation program for someone with a spinal cord injury, it’s essential to select a system of care that provides specialized treatment, care, services, and equipment. Because of the complexity of these injuries, most experts agree that patients should be treated in a Medharbour Centre of Rehabilitation. 

Meeting Your Expectations and Goals at the Centre of Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation schedule is divided into physical, occupational, speech, Hand, and therapy sessions. Here, we educate and train you and your family members on maintaining your overall health and well-being after discharge from the hospital.

  1. Improving circulation
  2. Electrical stimulation 
  3. Equipment that assists you in self-care
  4. Spasticity, respiratory, and medication management
  5. Wheelchair seating and mobility training
  6. The comprehensive care model follows the progression of injury.