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Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said ‘it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver ‘. In a layman’s language, fitness is the ability to do any physical activity or the absence of physical ailment. Wellness on the other hand has a broader perspective and focuses upon physical , emotional , mental , environmental and organisational well being. Medharbour, Gurgaon is the best fitness and wellness centre near you . Haven’t heard about this centre yet ? Let’s take a deep dive into how this unit works

Importance of fitness and wellness :

When the body functions well ,the bones , joints ,internal organs and muscles work smoothly and efficiently. The body doesn’t get sick and even if it does it cures rapidly.

Listed below are the reasons why you should prioritise fitness and wellness :

  • You feel recharged all day long.
  • You tend to have excellent cardiovascular health
  • Your body remains active.
  • You achieve great metabolism
  • Your gastrointestinal health boosts.
  • You achieve mental peace,calmness and relaxation
  • You are free from depression and anxiety.
  • Your sleep pattern gets regular.
  • You tend to become emotionally stable .
  • You will have better emotional quotient
  • You will manage your weight better.
  • You become confident and do better both at personal and professional fronts .
  • Your skin reciprocates to your lifestyle change and becomes healthier and shinier.
  • You will be free from every day’s pains and aches .

After reading the wide benefits of fitness and wellness will you not opt for it ? At Medharbour, we have fitness trainers, meditation and yoga experts, chiropractors, physiotherapists. All of them come together under a tailored programme to help you achieve a healthy, happy life.

What are the components of physical fitness?

There are 7 vital components of physical fitness which are discussed below:

  • Body composition: Body composition is the most crucial component of physical fitness. It is the ratio of lean mass to the amount of fat in the body.
  • Physical strength:The maximum amount of force a muscle can produce is muscular strength. It is the power that helps you lift or carry heavy objects.
  • Weight training:Muscular endurance is the ability of muscles to perform activities without feeling fatigued. This physical fitness involves multiple repetitions of any exercise.
  • Balance: Balance is the ability of an individual to maintain their line of gravity within their base of support. It can be classified into static and dynamic.
  • Agility: Agility is the ability to change direction quickly and effectively by maintaining proper posture.
  • Endurance:Endurance is the ability of the body to bear a repeated task for a particular period of time without feeling fatigued.

Co-ordination: Coordination is the balance between two body features that facilitates movement. For example , hand-leg coordination,hand-eye coordination etc.

How do you achieve overall wellness?

Wellness of an individual focuses upon 7 major perspectives ,all of which are briefly discussed below :

  • Emotional: emotional well being involves the ability of an individual to express his emotions and accept others emotions. It includes anger,joy,sadness, excitement, anxiousness etc.
  • Mental :mental health is the ability to critically examine and analyse certain situations, to have problem solving skills, to use mental strength in any given situation, to have the ability to solve mathematical problems etc .
  • Spiritual: spiritual well being is the search and attainment of one’s own self . Irrespective of religious beliefs ,spiritual wellness focuses on an individual’s fundamental belief and principles.
  • Social : Man is a social animal and loves to have a conversation with people . Social wellness is attributed to communication, to volunteering for social causes , to appreciating the uniqueness of others and to involvement in community service.
  • Physical : Physical well-being under wellness involves better cardiovascular health ,joint,muscle and bone health to be able to perform physical tasks. 
  • Occupational: It involves the satisfaction at the workplace, the perks and perquisites associated with the job,rewarding profession or business , coordination with colleagues and boss.

Environmental : Environment plays a vital role in well-being , the nature that surrounds us , the air we breathe, the water we drink all accounts to our mental and physical health.

Physical fitness and wellness challenge in the 21st century

  In  recent  times, maintaining physical  fitness  and wellness  is  the  biggest  challenge.  Movement  and  physical  activity  are  basic  functions of a human body.  Advances in  modern  science  and technology have  provided  all  amenities and  conveniences that  make our  life  easier  and have almost  eliminated  the  need  for physical activity  in everyone’s life .

We are living in an age of extreme mental pressure which begins right from teenage and never ends . The rigorous challenge of being the best at academics and the workplace has taken a toll on our mental space .

We are judged for our skin colour, height and body mass that causes anxiety and depression among many people.

Following are the challenges in present era : Nuclear family structure, Disturbed family relations, tremendous stress at workplace , scientific innovations and inventions, modern lifestyle , lack of nutrient rich food , dependency on automatic machinery, lack of norms and values ,less tolerance and extreme violence etc.

Remedies to the challenge at Medharbour, Gurgaon

Physical activities that are  taught and recommended for people of every age group .

Medharbour is equipped with the latest machines for workouts.

We focus upon implementation of a quality physical education programme.

We enhance the quality of leisure time activity.

We talk about safe sex, restricting use of cigarettes and alcohol one day at a time.

Our nutritionists bring attention to diet charts adhering to the needs of individuals.

Our psychiatrists and psychologists work on mental well being.

Chiropractors work on postures and Physiotherapists aid exercises.

Fitness is taken care of by the specialised fitness experts in Gurgaon.Thinking of giving a U-turn to your lifestyle? Hit the call button on your phone today, the staff at Medharbour, Gurgaon is ever ready to assist you !