Geriatric Rehabilitation (Old Age)

Nearly 120 million old-aged people in India suffer from a variety of medical, psychological, economic, and spiritual issues. While the functionally and intellectually competent elderly can use the standard health-care facilities, these individuals require an active ageing program in order to remain independent i.e. rehabilitation for the elderly. Geriatric care comes into the equation in this situation.

Geriatrics, often known as geriatric medicine, is a medical specialty dedicated to improving the health of people who are old. It promotes healthy ageing in older people by avoiding and treating diseases and disabilities that are common as people get older. With greater life expectancy, we are living longer than ever before, and there are more people in need of geriatric rehab than ever before. Geriatric rehab focuses on reducing the debilitating effects of age-related illnesses such as muscle loss, musculoskeletal deterioration, and hearing and vision impairment.

In Gurgaon, Medharbour offers the best geriatric rehabilitation and old age rehabilitation services. Medharbour is the finest Geriatric rehabilitation center in Gurgaon because of our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. 

Our geriatric rehabilitation professionals are familiar with the distinctive requirements of senior citizens. Our geriatric rehabilitation programmes are tailored to individuals with numerous difficulties, taking into account their physical, cognitive, and functional demands. We assist families to figure out the best way to care for their loved ones, and we provide older people the tools they need to live as independently as possible.

Patients have several physical and emotional changes as they become older, which can impair their degree of physical, mental, social, and emotional function and well-being. Rehabilitation helps the elderly keep their functional independence. Rehabilitation of geriatric patients is critical for their well-being as well as for society’s economic and social well-being. Communication is crucial in geriatric rehabilitation, especially when it comes to correcting any sensory impairments, such as those linked to vision and hearing. The patient’s health and longevity can be improved by preventing falls and osteoporosis.

Treating malnutrition can hasten the healing process and make it easier for the patient to engage in a structured rehabilitation programme. If a functional loss of mobility and an incapacity to execute activities of daily living (ADLs) predominates, it can lead to depression in the elderly. Dementia and other forms of cognitive impairment might have an impact on a patient’s rehabilitation objectives and outcomes.

Our rehab programmes, which include geriatricians working alongside care experts, therapists, and dieticians, strive to create circumstances for improved quality of life and longevity in older age. We assist with treatment, medicine, and counselling for emotional well-being as part of our commitment to curing.

If you know someone who is an elderly person and they are suffering from muscle loss, musculoskeletal degeneration, decreased hearing or vision, etc., take advantage of Medharbour’s Geriatric Rehab services in Gurgaon. All our details are present on the Medharbour website along with any information that you might need from our doctors. Our team of expert doctors is here to help you in your time of need.