5 Steps To Find The Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Gurgaon

Confused where to get physiotherapy done? Finding the best place for physiotherapy can sometimes take a while. One has to trust their clinic/ centre and doctor to get better.

There are quite a few factors that have to be kept in mind before choosing the right place.

To start with, always consult an orthopaedic doctor in case of an injury or any kind of joint or muscle pain. Your doctor will be the one who would advise you for physiotherapy or exercise as a part of your treatment.  Hence he can advise you a clinic or physiotherapist where he/she believes that they can make you better. You can also ask your friends or family or relative. Then, search and check the details on the internet or get a clearer picture.

The second criterion is location of the clinic. Travelling in pain to a clinic far away from home would only aggravate your pain. The clinic should be within a radius of 0-7 km and preferably on the ground floor. If the patient has to climb stairs in case of back pain, knee pain or ankle pain it can get dangerous or make things worse. It would help if the clinic is easily accessible in case of the patients who are using a wheelchair, walker, crutches or even if the patient’s car can be driven this the entrance of the clinicso the patient can just walk in like Medharbour Family Clinic in Gurgaon, www.medharbour.clinic

Another point that can be taken into consideration is the credentials, patient feedback, cleanliness, quality of equipment & the number of years of experience of the treating doctor/ therapist. It is always helpful to get the feedback from other patients. You can always ask the front desk for written feedback forms of the previous patients. You can also check on the internet about the reviews and do a thorough study on their website or you can even check Facebook. Get a list of doctors from the clinic and see if you can discuss your problem with them. You can also inquire the type of equipment that the clinic has.

Follow the single sitting method. Take a trial session or consultation with the physiotherapist. Ask them as many doubts you have in your mind. The treating doctor should give extra time at the assessment stage and develop a complete diagnosis by physical examinations and through relevant information of various reports such as MRI, X-rays, or blood tests.  Once the assessment is complete the therapist should come up with a treatment plan and explain the type of injury the patient has along with the treatment plan.Judge your comfort level with the therapist, see does he/she believes only in electrotherapy or hands on therapy and exercises? Which therapist understands you and your pain better?  Who is more confident about your problem?Post that pick the one you favour the most and the one you trust. It’s very necessary that you trust your therapist as he/she the one who is going to get you better!

At last, the feeling you get when you enter the clinic is the most important. There are some places where we don’t get a positive feeling and we just want to leave that place as soon as possible. A clinic is a place where patient heal and get better. It is very necessary that the place we go for physiotherapy/ rehabilitation/ exercises have a positive environment. If you feel comfortable and confident in the particular clinic maybe that is the place for you to get better!  If someone is looking for one of the best physiotherapy clinic or physiotherapist in Gurgaon, they can surely visit Medharbour Family Clinic in Sector 45. The clinic has an unique concept of having orthopaedic and spine Doctors along with physiotherapists under one roof with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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