Your Simple 5 step guide to choosing the right Physiotherapy center

It is beneficial to see a physiotherapist to seek treatment for any muscular condition that is causing discomfort or body pain or is restricting movement. However, choosing the right physiotherapy center for you requires a little thought.

  • Location – The Location of physiotherapy clinic can play a vital role It might happen that you have selected a physiotherapy center or want to go to a center on a friend’s recommendation, but it is not feasible to see him for treatment due to time or distance issues. You should select a physiotherapist who is easy to visit to make sure you make your appointments. It could also be that you have found a physiotherapist close to you but are not able to meet the times suggested by him. You need to therefore consider both location and time before finalising on your physiotherapy centers.
  • Qualifications of the physiotherapists  – The first thing you should look for in a physiotherapy center is a physiotherapist”s qualifications. A physiotherapist should have minimum a bacheolar degree in physiotherapy.You should also check with previous clients as to how they found their course of treatment or you can always check the website of the clinic and check the testimonials written by the [atients. It is always recommended to visit a physiotherapy center you have researched yourself in order to avoid any complications in the future.
  • Expertise – Physiotherapists in the centers specialise in different areas of treatment. Physiotherapists usually specialise in a variety of areas including head injuries, spine problems, respiratory problems, sports injury and neurophysio etc. If you are suffering from a specific injury then you should go to the center  who specializes in the same. A specialist would be able to understand the best course of treatment specific to you and your injury or condition.
  • Personal preference – A session or two with a physiotherapist will let you know how they work and whether you work well together. It is important to connect with your physiotherapist, treatment is a personal experience and you must trust their judgment. It is very important to feel comfortable in the center as physiotherapy is an intimate experience involving direct body manipulation. If you are comfortable with your physiotherapist in the center with the privacy  you will feel at ease, be able to explain your symptoms and look forward to the sessions, ultimately helping you along the road to recovery.

Accesablity, personal attention , hygiene- Time is a precious thing these days so no one likes to standing in the queues. We have strict appointments which helps in saving the patients time and therapists too. Therapist to patient ratio plays an important role , if you have too many patients at one time ,you wont be able to give ur 100%. So we have a strategy of one patient at one time so we hear the problem very patiently n try and give the best solution

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