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  • Residential Care Revolution

    The share of the population over 6o in India shows the steady growth and specialized care for the elderly support for needs like washing, dressing, and mobility is not something everyone is trained to provide or equipped to. The services become a necessity when a person becomes highly dependent and that is where our therapists, trained nurses, and geriatric specialists come in. We establish a warm connection and ensure personalized care in our individual sessions and sustained programs. Committed to cure, we aim for both physical and the emotional well-being of our elderly.

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  • Spine Care

    The human spine has over 120 muscles, 33 bones, and 13 million neurons. Spine-related pain, injury, and immobility are the number one causes to keep people from going about their normal lives. Our spine care expertise adopts a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to help people correct posture, manage pain from injury or degeneration and address lumbar and cervical conditions. With increased awareness on spine care the world over, and technological advances, only a small percentage of conditions remain debilitating. Committed to cure, we work to put our patients back on track.

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  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist And Finger

    A Rotor Cuff Dysfunction, Tennis Elbow, or a pinched `labourer's nerve' can be the result of a particular condition, overuse or injury. The associated pain, numbness, tingling, and loss of function do not go away and call for expert intervention. Our shoulder, elbow, wrist, and fingers expertise brings together orthopaedics, sports science and neurology to work on regaining function and strength. With a multi-disciplinary team, we diagnose and treat conditions affecting the upper extremities and arthritis. Committed to cure, we work to minimize pain and help patients recover full range and function.

  • Knee And Hip Care

    The largest joints in the body are the hip and knee joints. They carry the heaviest load. They are subject to tremendous wear and tear conditions. Weak or injured hips often impact the knee as well, and so a wider view is taken to arrive at the course correction for knees and hips; evaluation, treatment, and follow-up exercise for recuperating hips or knees all come within the ambit of our hip and knee care. With extensive orthopedic experience, we intervene through surgical, non-surgical treatments, and OT. Committed to cure, we counsel and care to get people back to their active lives.

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  • Ankle And Foot Clinic

    Ankles and feet ailments, while amongst the widest spread of health problems today, do not get the attention they deserve. An un-cared diabetic ulcer on the foot can even lead to amputation and pediatric expertise is the first line of defense against complications from diabetes, arthritis, and poor blood flow to the feet. Our ankle and feet specialization offers care for diabetic foot, pain management, orthotics support, treatment for non-healing wounds, warts, and associated conditions. Committed to cure, we treat, care, and bring about lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of surgical intervention.

  • Neurology Rehabilitation

    Injury to the nervous system or a disorder can cause loss of control in limbs, pain, and even disability. Neuro Rehab is aimed at helping patients return to their normal function and improving the overall quality of life for people recovering post-stroke, patients with neuromuscular disorders, and degenerative disorders like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. With a multi-disciplinary team, we train for activities of daily living, social and emotional well-being. Committed to cure, we work to instill greater independence and confidence in our recovering patients.

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  • Ent

    Up to 5o% of all common problems stem from ENT. Ears-nose-throat being closely connected by a system of tubes and passages require specialized care and otorhinolaryngology expertise. ENT issues range from as simple as the wax build-up to more complicated conditions like cysts and loss of hearing. Our specialization treats disorders and diseases of the ENT including granular and reflux pharyngitis, tonsils, sleep disturbances, snoring, and pediatric ENT conditions. Committed to cure, we employ best-in-class equipment, speech & audio therapy for an effective integrated approach.

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  • General Medicine

    A GP - general medicine practitioner is almost always the first one to detect anything amiss; it is the GP who reads our first symptom of an ailment. A good GP can learn a lot about a patient's condition just from observation -observing nails, hands, skin, eyes, mouth, breathing pattern-and with probing questions. Our general medicine discipline made up of experienced doctors with wide-ranging medical knowledge is supported by certified path labs and imaging facilities. Committed to cure, our GPs are friends, personal, and family doctors for most of our patients.

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  • Sports Injuries

    Sports injuries demand a multidisciplinary approach they demand. A corrected ligament tear can only work if the sporting posture and accompanying form is also corrected; sports injury care spans across treatment for just sprains fractures, bone dislocation, ligament damage and goes well into sports science. Our specialization combines orthopedic, physio, and fitness expertise to address trauma, muscle damage, pain management, bone, and joint fractures, sporting form, and functional fitness. Committed to cure, we work to help athletes return to peak performance.

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  • Pain Management

    Pain that lasts more than 3 months is chronic pain and needs immediate care. Over a third of the adult Indian population suffers from chronic pain and women and the elderly are particularly prone. Back, neck, and cervical, arthritis, knee pain, joint pain, headache, and migraines are the major ailments that call for management. Our pain management spreads across a spectrum of treatment, therapy, and counseling and includes interventional pain management X-Ray and CT scan guided injections at targeted areas. Committed to cure we ensure safe and effective procedures under expert care.

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  • Geriatric Rehabilitation (Old Age)

    We live longer today with increased life expectancy and there are more in need of geriatric rehab than ever before. Ageing causes loss of muscle mass, musculoskeletal degeneration, and impaired hearing and vision and minimising the debilitating impact of these age related conditions is at the core of geriatric rehab. With geriatricians, working in tandem with care specialists, therapists and dieticians, our rehab programs aim to create conditions for better quality of life in advanced age and longevity. Committed to cure, we help with therapy, medication, and also counseling for emotional well-being.

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  • Cancer Care

    With over 200 types- subtypes of cancer there is no one treatment that can work for all. Efficient care is always tailored therapy and a multi-disciplinary collaboration of surgical and radiation oncology, medication, pain management, and counseling. Our cancer specialization is equipped to treat cancers of the breast, lung, colon, lymphoma, and other rarer forms of cancer. Our specialized team, with best-in-class infrastructure and the cutting edge in oncology, offers preventive, palliative, and end-of-life care. Committed to cure, we handhold our patients throughout their fight with cancer.

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  • Breast Cancer Rehab

    Breast cancer is skewed towards women, with only a small percentage of men affected by it. Recovering from surgery and during and post-chemo, patients need rehabilitation to fight cancer fatigue, recover faster and heal better. Our rehab program is focused on helping patients return to their normal range of motion and offering interventions in post-treatment care. With cutting-edge advances in breast cancer medicine and treatment, breast cancer recovery rates are today better than ever before. Committed to cure, we work closely with our patients.

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  • Gastroenterology

    The science of birth has been written about for thousands of years. Gynaecology the science that concerns itself with the reproductive system - throughout a woman's life, from puberty, youth, menopause, and after-is central to female health, family health, and community health. Our gynecology specialization includes surgical and nonsurgical interventions and we broadly focus on adolescent and puberty care, Rubella & cancer cervix vaccination, contraceptives, menstrual cycle problems, diseases of the breasts, menopause problems, geriatrics, and osteoporosis in women. Committed to cure, we stand for safe female health and greater awareness.

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  • Nephrology

    Nephrology is a field in medicine that is concerned with the study of kidneys. A Nephrologist specializes in kidney care and treating diseases of the kidneys. Our skilled professionals are very knowledgeable about how kidney disease or dysfunction can affect other parts of your body. A primary doctor may be able to take care at the early stages of kidney disease but a Nephrologist must be called to treat complex conditions.

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  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Lungs)

    Even non-smoking women suffer COPD from 'chulha' smoke. Acute shortness of breath preventing normal activity is an indicator of poor lung function and damage caused by conditions like COPD, asthma, pulmonary hypertension, and cystic fibrosis. With increased pollution levels and exposure to fumes and cigarette smoke, pulmonary rehab is the prescribed course of action for immediate and long-term relief. Using exercises, education, and behavioral intervention, our Rehab team works to improve lung function and regain lung capacity. Committed to cure, we help patients breathe better and perform activities with lesser discomfort.

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  • Dental Care

    Made of enamel - the hardest material, yet toothache can be unbearable. While poor oral care accounts for most decay and ulcers, injury, diseases of the mouth, and misalignment of teeth and gums, are areas that require special intervention. Our specialization offers comprehensive treatment including full mouth rehabilitation, invisible braces, periodontia, paediatric dentistry, root canal procedures, filling and cosmetic procedures like whitening and tooth jewellery. We treat for complete oral health, for a strong set of teeth, and a confident smile. Committed to cure, we also ensure minimal pain with every session.

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  • Diabetes Program

    Over 77 million Indians are diabetic. Early detection followed by correct management allows most patients to lead normal, healthy, and longer lives. Diabetes, Type 1 and 2, while incurable can be managed to reduce its impact on nerves, organs, and limbs. Our programs work to reduce chances of stroke, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, sight loss, and other complications from unchecked glucose levels through education, screening, treatment, and lifestyle interventions. Committed to cure we adopt a multidimensional approach as we help patients eat right, manage sugar levels and live an active, fuller life.

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  • Gynaecology

    The science of birth has been written about for thousands of years. Gynaecology the science that concerns itself with the reproductive system - throughout a woman's life, from puberty, youth, menopause, and after-is central to female health, family health, and community health. Our gynecology specialization includes surgical and non-surgical interventions and we broadly focus on adolescent and puberty care, Rubella & cancer cervix vaccination, contraceptives, menstrual cycle problems, diseases of the breasts, menopause problems, geriatrics, and osteoporosis in women. Committed to cure, we stand for safe female health and greater awareness.

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  • Cardio Vascular Treatments

    CVD - Cardio Vascular Diseases are best managed when detected early. The heart and the circulatory system that supplies blood are unique to everyone. With lifestyle, age, genetics, and congenital conditions affecting cardiovascular health, effective treatment calls for a comprehensive approach to identify primary and associated ailments. Our CVD specialization aims to offer relief, reduce the risk of angina, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and vascular complications, through screening, rehabilitation, exercises, and lifestyle counseling. Committed to cure, we work for healthier hearts and wholesome lives.

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  • Hair Transplant Restoration

    This technique is done to add more hair to an area that is thinning or balding, by taking hair from thicker parts of the scalp and grafting it on the thinning or balding area. Around 6o% men and 5o% women experience hair loss. They opt for various options to treat the situation. Hair transplant is a restoration method. Our well-qualified and experienced doctors undertake various surgeries. We are committed to providing you realistic and optimum results. Before and after the surgery, we take into consideration individual needs and care for you accordingly.

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  • Cosmetics Dermatology

    The skin is the largest organ of our body and yet goes un-cared for unless there is a rash and inflammation. Most skin problems indicate underlying health conditions and so require more than a skin-deep approach. Our skin specialists offer a range of skincare and cosmetic treatment for pigmentation, ageing, stretching, ace and also advanced surgical vitiligo services, and non-surgical facial enhancements. We aim for healthy, glowing, well-hydrated skin that is taut and blemish-free. Committed to cure, we advocate beauty that is more than skin deep.

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  • Plastic Surgeries

    Plastikos, Greek 'to mold', is what plastic surgery does. Plastic surgery reconstructs faces disfigured in animal attacks; plastic surgery also does glamour nose lifts. Our plastic surgery specialization - reconstructive and cosmetic - helps correct: cleft lips, palates, ear, and nose deformities, and perform cosmetic alterations as well. Our surgeons set the expectations of what can be accomplished, educate the candidate about the process and realistic outcome, and offer sustained support throughout, every tailor-made cosmetic program. Committed to cure, we help people get back to function and form.

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  • Pathology

    Pathology, the key to understanding a patient's ailment is central to medical diagnosis. Blood, cell, tissue, and organism level reports stand between a correct diagnosis and a misread profile. Today pathology plays a critical role in research, in advancing medicine, and in our fight against viruses, infections, and cancer. Our Cytology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Immunology, and Serology services adhere to NABL standards and are performed by certified pathologists. Committed to cure we bridge the gap between science and medicine for fast, accurate, and reliable pathological insight.

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  • Radiology

    Also known as Diagnostic Imaging, in this technique, pictures or images of various body parts are taken. A Radiologist is able to see inside the body through different kinds of imaging that include X-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT scan, and PET scan. The diagnosis of many diseases, especially cancer, is carried out. Through early diagnosis, many lives can be saved. Therefore, a Radiologist plays a key role in your health care. Our team of Radiologists is highly skilled professionals who specialize in interpreting the results of various imaging. Our priority is to provide a thorough diagnosis in order to carry out the best treatments.

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  • Ayurveda Naturopathy

    Nature-based cures and treatments have an all-new relevance today. Ayurveda and Naturopathy both leverage the immense benefit of the tested, age-old, route of holistic, safe, natural, and lasting cure. Ayurveda, the most popular of all Indian systems, draws its benefits from the synergy of five elements-panchamahabhuta; Naturopathy using therapy, herbs, massage, and nutrition work to aid the body to heal itself. With certified experts and therapists, we tailor-make sessions for a wide spectrum of people and conditions. Committed to cure, we work to offer safe and holistic healing.

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  • Wellness Fitness

    Fitness is the best medicine. Fit bodies rarely fall sick and if they do, bounce back faster. Lifestyle ailments, hypertension, obesity, hampered blood circulation and cardiovascular performance are some of the key areas where fitness training and wellness programs work wonders. Our wellness and fitness specialty employs chiropractors, doctors, therapists, dieticians and trainers to offer help with weight management, nutritional planning, performance assessment, and strength and endurance training. Committed to cure, we advocate a fitness-first approach for a sound body and a healthy mind.

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  • Yoga

    Yoga is the oldest known health and wellness system. Yoga predates even Rigveda. Yoga's unique three-fold benefit therapeutic, spiritual, and deep healing effect, make it a 'go to' for several lifestyles and stress-induced conditions of today. Our therapies and sessions employ traditional, as well as custom-made routines that incorporate Yoga principles into modern therapy. With no side effects, Yoga routines play a key role in our cancer rehab. Committed to cure, we continuously draw from the ancient source to find safe and holistic alternatives to help patients revive and recuperate.

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